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Fusion Fully Automatic Park Assist

The Fusion Fully Automatic Parking Assist system can be activated by the user with a Mobile Phone App or a keyfob outside of the vehicle. This system consists of an ECU, 8 UPA Sensors, 4 APA Sensors, and 4 Cameras. During the parking maneuver, the system will process the proximity data from the ultrasonic sensors and line marking data from the cameras to calculate an optimal path into the free parking space. The system can fully control the steering, speed, gearshift, braking, powertrain systems, allowing the vehicle to park itself completely.

This system can also support functions such as Around View Monitoring, Short Distance Detection, and Digital Video Recorder.

- Ultrasonic Sensor
- Camera

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Remote Park Assist (RPA)

TTE’s Remote Park Assist system enables drivers to park their vehicles without remaining in the vehicle, it allows the driver to control the vehicle via their smartphone. This is a particularly helpful function when parking in tight parking spaces.

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