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Ultrasonic Sensor

Ultrasonic Sensors utilize ultrasound to detect the distance between the vehicle and nearby objects. Installed in the bumpers of the vehicle, this highly versatile product can be offered as a stand-alone system such as Rear/Front Park Assist, configured to be offered as an automatic parking system, or can be combined with our cameras as a remote park assist system.

With high quality and precision, TTE’s ultrasonic sensors can minimize the effects of extreme temperature and humidity and are trusted by automakers around the world. Since bringing this product to market in 1990, TTE has supplied it to over 30 automakers in over 50 countries.

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The automotive camera helps the driver to increase visibility the of the surrounding area. Initially only utilised in parking assistance systems, the automotive camera has since played a pivotal role in enabling a variety of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions, as well as eventual autonomous driving. (from Lane Keep Assist (LKA) to Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).)
TTE’s automotive camera is IP69K certified and able to function under extreme temperature and pressure. With industry-leading image processing capability, this product is able to deliver the clearest view outside of the vehicle, no matter the circumstances.

TTE’s automotive camera can cater to a diverse range of requirements, from SD to HD, and VGA to HDMI.

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77 GHz Radar

TTE’s 77 GHz radar uses mmWave technology to measure the relative speed and distance of other vehicles and objects. Installed within the front and rear bumpers, this product is able to detect objects and people even in environments with poor visibility, alert the driver of potential danger, and even prevent collisions. This versatile product can help to enable a wide array of ADAS functions.

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Body Control Module (BCM)

With an increasing number of electronic systems with a variety of functions installed in vehicles, Body Control Module (BCM) can help to integrate all the system controls. TTE is one of the first suppliers in the region to develop CAN bus technology, and has cooperated with numerous Japanese, European, and US OEMs to develop multiple CAN products.

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The engine immobilizer is an anti-theft system. When the driver inserts the key into the ignition or brings a smart key FOB into the vehicle, the key transmits an electronic code to the vehicle. The engine can only start if the code in the transponder chip inside the key or Smart Key FOB matches the code in the vehicle's immobilizer, protecting vehicles against theft.

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