Index Services 77 GHz Radar System

Blind Spot Warning

TTE’s Blind Spot Detection system utilizes our 77GHz radar to detect and monitor rear blind spots that are not visible from the side view mirrors. Installed within the right and left sides of the rear bumper, this system informs the driver when another vehicle(s) is detected in the blind spots, a visual warning will be provided by the warning lights on the side-view mirror.

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Lane Change Assist (LCA)

TTE’s Lane Change Assist system can help make lane changing easier and safer. Utilizing our 77GHz Radars positioned within the right and left sides of the rear bumper, the system provides an audio and visual warning when it detects vehicles approaching in the blind spots during lane changing maneuver.

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Front/Rear Cross Traffic Alert (F/RCTA)

TTE’s Front and Rear Cross Traffic Alert can help prevent collision with other vehicles or moving objects when pulling and reversing out of parking space. The system is enabled by our 77GHz radars installed within the r4 corners of the vehicle, the system will monitor any incoming traffic or moving objects that may make contact with the vehicle when reversing, and provide an audio and visual warning to the driver when such instances are detected.

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Door Open Warning (DOW)

This system can prevent dents on your doors. It utilizes the 77 GHz radars installed at the right and left corners within the rear bumper to monitor the surrounding area of the vehicle. It provides an audio and visual warning to the driver and passenger when the door is likely to make contact with an object upon opening.

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