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Ultrasonic Park Assist

TTE’s Ultrasonic Park Assist system can prevent accidental bumps and scratches to the vehicle when parking. The system utilises ultrasonic sensors to detect the distance between the vehicle and nearby obstacles, provides audio and visual cues to inform the driver of the remaining distance, and audio and visual warning when the vehicle is in imminent danger of making contact with an obstacle.

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Automatic Park Assist

TTE’s Automatic Park Assist makes parking easier than ever before. Enabled by 12 ultrasonic sensors positioned all around the vehicle, the system will automatically scan for free parking spaces when the system engaged and park the vehicle into the chosen parking space automatically, without the driver needing to operate the steering, gear, pedal, or break.

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Side Distance Guard

The system can prevent accidental collisions with obstacles during low-speed maneuvers when parking. The system utilizes ultrasonic sensors positioned all around the vehicle to scan for obstacles on both sides of the vehicle, when the system predicts a collision based on the speed and steering angle of the vehicle, an audio warning will be provided to warn the driver.

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Hands-Free Trunk Opener

This system automatically detects the presence of keyfob. Once keyfob is confirmed to be in the rear of the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper will then authenticate the user's intention of trunk opening, once confirmed, the trunk will open automatically. The entire process can be completed without the user having to press the keyfob, open button on the trunk, or trigger the system with kicking motion.

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