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Rear View Camera (RVC)

With numerous countries now making the rearview camera a mandated feature to be included in all new vehicles, this product not only provides convenience for the driver but also safety for all. With TTE’s camera installed at the rear of the vehicle, the system displays the rear view of the vehicle on the infotainment screen, helping the driver to avoid making contact with obstacles and pedestrians alike. With the addition of guidelines to project the width of the vehicle, this system can help drivers park their vehicles in the parking space effortlessly.

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Multi View Camera (MVC)

The system can provide different viewing angles of the vehicle's rear to accommodate different situations. The driver can switch between the regular view, wide-angle view, and birdseye view. Zoom-in function is also supported to allow for greater clarity. In addition to greater convenience, the Multi-View Camera system can also prevent collisions caused by blind spots that come with having only one single viewing angle.

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Side View Camera (SVC)

Installed under both side-view mirrors, the system helps to prevent accidental bumps caused by the vehicle's blind spots by providing a viewing angle not easily seen by simply checking the side-view mirrors. SVC is also compatible with RVC system.

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Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The system can assist drivers in keeping the vehicle safely in the designated lane and avoid collisions with other vehicles or median strips. This system is enabled by camera(s) installed at the windshield of the vehicle, it scans for the lane markings on the road, and provides an audio and visual warning when the vehicle crosses the lane marking without indicating.

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Around View Monitoring (AVM)

The HD Around View Monitoring (AVM) system can assist the driver to park in tight and difficult spaces with ease by displaying a birdseye or 3D view of the vehicle's surroundings. The system is enabled by 4 separate cameras installed on all 4 sides the vehicle. It can help the driver to better gauge the distance between the vehicle and obstacles and line markings around the vehicle simultaneously. Preventing common incidents such as colliding on the vehicle's side when the driver is solely focused on the rearview when reversing.

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Moving Object Detection (MOD)

TTE’s Object Detection system is used in conjunction with our Around View Monitoring and/or Rear View Camera systems. The system can identify and classify objects into vehicles, pedestrians, and stationary obstacles. The system will also provide an audio and visual warning to the driver when objects enter within the designated zone to avoid contact.

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