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System Enablers
TTE specializes in the Development and Manufacturing of automotive electronics. Our main product range includes Ultrasonic Sensor Modules, Automotive Camera Modules, mmWave Radar Modules, Body Control Modules, and Immobilizers.
Ultrasonic Systems
Ultrasonic Sensors utilize ultrasound to detect the distance between the vehicle and nearby objects. With high quality and precision, TTE’s ultrasonic sensors can minimize the effects of extreme temperature and humidity and are trusted by automakers around the world.
Imaging System
TTE’s automotive camera is IP69K certified and able to function under extreme temperature and pressure. With industry-leading image processing capability, this product is able to deliver the clearest view outside of the vehicle, no matter the circumstances.
77 GHz Radar System
TTE’s 77 GHz radar uses mmWave technology to measure the relative speed and distance of other vehicles and objects. Installed within the front and rear bumpers, this product is able to detect objects and people even in environments with poor visibility and alert the driver of potential danger.
Fusion System
Combining data from multiple sources such as ultrasonic sensors, camera, and radar to create a more accurate and complete understanding of the vehicles surroundings. This enables us to overcome innate limitations of each individual data source and achieve more complete ADAS functions.